When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday always falls the day after Thanksgiving, so Black Friday 2021 will fall on November 26. You won’t have to wait until then to shop the Black Friday sales, though: Most retailers kick off their offers ahead of time. Just how ahead of time that will be depends on how much we curb the spread of the novel coronavrius, which forced vendors to swap in-store events for early Black Friday deals online on Black Friday 2020, some of which kicked off as early as the start of November and ran through the second week of December.

Who knows? Maybe retailers saw record sales starting their Black Friday sales early that we’ll never see Black Friday in its traditional form again. Amazon posted record figures, but that may have been solely to do with increased online orders on the back of the ongoing pandemic. That said, it wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable to expect, assuming everything is back to normal, the retailers to take another stab at dragging out the shopping bonanza to keep the cash flowing from your bank account to their bank account for as long as possible.

When is Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday 2021 is on November 26.

Previous Black Friday Dates

  • Black Friday 2016: November 25
  • Black Friday 2017: November 24
  • Black Friday 2018: November 23
  • Black Friday 2019: November 29
  • Black Friday 2020: November 27

Future Black Friday Dates

  • Black Friday 2021: November 26
  • Black Friday 2022: November¬† 25
  • Black Friday 2023: November 24
  • Black Friday 2024: November 29

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